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Bad Reviews 07/10/2012
Ordered at 10:30AM and order did not arrive until 12:20PM. My lunch ended at 11:30AM. Order arrived short of items. The burrito wasn't even put together! It was a bunch of ingredients to make your own burrito. Too messy for me! Food tasted gross. Not a good ordering experience. William, ordered 78 times
Great Reviews 03/28/2012
YUM! YUM! YUM! Worth every penny! Hunter, ordered 18 times
Great Reviews 09/28/2011
If you like the rice 'n' beans, everything smothered in cheese, style Mexican food. Juan's is definitely in the top of the list. Kent, ordered 247 times
Great Reviews 09/18/2011
Food delivery was fast food was hot and very delicious. JOYCE, ordered 16 times
Great Reviews 08/26/2011
That was Hella Good! The Grilled Beef Burrito was worth every dollar, and some. Steven, ordered 2 times
Great Reviews 05/01/2011
HUGE portions. Piping hot, full of cheese. The guacamole dip is probably the best I've ever had. They need to improve the chips though. The burrito is two meals, filled with carne and queso. And the sour cream and green sauce are perfect. The extra cheese in the rellenos is great. This place is a keeper; highly recommended. S, ordered 51 times
Great Reviews 02/27/2011
This place is more good than great. The reason for this is inconsistency. They have really great refried beans. I like their fajitas except that they put broccoli in them, which is totally confusing and so I pick it out. I've ordered the same nachos a few times and it's never been the same dish... I did not like some of the variations and others were crazy good. So, throw the dice, might really hit the spot... or really not. Decent though, good beans. Jonathan, ordered 136 times
Ok Reviews 11/04/2010
Flavorful food, really fast. Great refried beans. Broccoli in the fajita was not working for me though. Jonathan, ordered 136 times
Ok Reviews 09/19/2010
Overall the food was good, however they got our order wrong, we ordered grilled chicken super burritos and got steak super burritos. Evelyn, ordered 4 times
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Yelp's Reviews 659 reviews
Food: 4/5 Price: 5/5 Service: 5/5 Ambience: 5/5 So happy there's a place that's open on NYE. Juan's is a big local Mexican restaurant with... read more...
Posted by Victoria L. on

Me and Juan go way, way, way back - all the way to my undergrad days at Cal when coming here was considered a treat after mid-terms. Not so much after... read more...
Posted by Ed U. on

There's something strange about Juan's that feels stuck out of time and place. I noticed it from the outside: bars over all the windows, the long ramp that... read more...
Posted by Adam M. on